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The generation of “Schrödinger-cat” states with superconducting devices is scrutinized. While the size of the cat cannot be quantified by standard measurements of avoided crossings, another metric is shown to appropriately witness large-scale quantum coherence.

Florian Fröwis, Benjamin Yadin, and Nicolas Gisin white nike air max 90 womens cheap shirts

Solving the dynamics of a system described by a time-dependent nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings model is a daunting task due to time-ordering effects. The problem is shown to be circumvented by quantizing the pump field, leading to exactly solvable solutions.

F. Krumm and W. Vogel Phys. Rev. A 97 , 043806 (2018)

J. P. Palastro et al. Phys. Rev. A 97 , 033835 (2018)

More Kaleidoscopes

Topological properties of noninteracting band structures of quasicrystal potentials are studied, where concepts such as the pseudo–Brillouin zone, spiral holonomy, generalized Berry phase, and Berry curvatures are discussed using a class of relatively simple models.

Stephen Spurrier and Nigel R. Cooper Phys. Rev. A 97 , 043603 (2018)

High-precision measurements of nuclear-spin-dependent parity-violation (NSD-PV) effects are demonstrated with the diatomic molecule BaF, where the sensitivity of the measurements is expected to be sufficient to measure NSD-PV effects of the size anticipated across a wide range of nuclei.

Emine Altuntaş, Jeffrey Ammon, Sidney B. Cahn, and David DeMille Phys. Rev. A 97 , 042101 (2018)

A family of bosonic quantum error-correcting codes is introduced to boost the reliability of quantum computation schemes against photon loss. These codes, which are based on symmetry properties of three-wave-mixing interactions, are hardware efficient for architectures involving microwave photons stored in superconducting resonators.

Murphy Yuezhen Niu, Isaac L. Chuang, and Jeffrey H. Shapiro nike air max 90 infrared qs10 quick release

The transition frequency between the 2 1 S 0 and 3 1 D 2 states of 4 He atoms is measured by two-photon spectroscopy with an accuracy more than one order of magnitude higher than in previous experiments. The determination of some related transition frequencies provides a good test against the theoretically calculated energy levels.

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Download the Hardware Manual

DATAQ Instruments' DI-770 Series Oscilloscope products provide hardware and software to support high speed data acquisition in a manner that is both price- and performance-competitive with stand-alone digital storage oscilloscopes. Two hardware versions are offered, one sampling at a maximum rate of 25 MHz and another at 100 MHz. Both hardware products are supported by WinDaq/Scope software. DI-770 hardware with supplied WinDaq/Scope software really offer five virtual instruments in one: An nike air jordan 12 af1 fusion – taxi tv
, voltmeter , spectrum analyzer , data logger , and a function/arbitrary waveform generator . These features, combined into one instrument, offer unprecedented instrumentation power, speed, and flexibility. The DI-770 oscilloscope offers two analog input channels with 8-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit resolution depending upon sample rate. Each channel provides a 200mV to 80V full scale input range, a 128K sample record buffer, and supports a sampling rate per channel of up to 100 MHz, depending upon the model.

The DI-770 oscilloscope is provided with two 1:1 and 10:1 switchable oscilloscope nike air max 75 euros
s. The product is provided in the same form factor as other DATAQ Instruments troubleshooting instruments, like the model nike white visor
. Package size measures L 9" × W 7.29" × H 1.52".

Used by itself or in combination with other DATAQ Instruments products, the DI-770 oscilloscope replaces conventional digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) that lack the DI-770's small size and direct computer compatibility. Add to this the instrument's ability to operate incrementally as a voltmeter, data logger, spectrum analyzer, and a function/arbitrary waveform generator and the instrument is solidly positioned as an alternative to multiple, bulky conventional instruments. In field maintenance and troubleshooting applications size matters, and the DI-770 oscilloscope is the smallest multi-instrument solution available.

DI-770 Hardware coupled with the provided WinDaq/Scope Software essentially offers 5 virtual instruments: an Oscilloscope , nike womens roshes black o5mnqE
, womens nike air max 90 australia
, and Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator .

EXAMPLE: For the former DORIS III storage ring at DESY, E amounts to 4500 MeV , giving a factor of γ ~ 9000 . Thus the forward collimation to an angular spread of about 1/γ arises from the application of the relativistic Doppler effect in the forward direction as shown in the figure.

The most common synchrotron radiation sources today are air jordan xx9 weartesters hyperdunk
like the ESRF in Grenoble or PETRA III at DESY, where a “beam” of electrons is stored and kept on a circular path, producing synchrotron radiation used as a light source for experiments. However, the charged particles in PETRA III are not distributed evenly along the accelerator but move in individual packets of ~4.8 x10 12 electrons (so-called bunches). Typcially 960, 480, 60 or 40 bunches of electrons are stored in PETRA III with an beam current of 100 mA in top-up mode. For top-up mode small amounts of current must periodically be injected to maintain a nearly constand beam current (here: 100 mA).

storage rings

Radiation is produced whenever these bunches are transversely accelerated, e.g. in the bending magnets or special insertion magnet devices, wigglers and undulators. At the experiments, therefore, the light arrives in short pulses. As a typical example of time frames, in PETRA III the pulses last about 100 picoseconds and repeat every 8 ns (960 bunches), 16 ns 128 ns or 192 ns (40 bunches). This pulsed light can be effectively used for specialized research applications needing time resolution.


An important property of synchrotron light is its polarization. Looking into the orbit plane of the circulating electrons, the projected movement is an oscillation similar to the simple harmonic motion in an antenna.

This implies that the emitted light is linearly polarized in the orbit plane. Out of plane, the motion is seen as an ellipse and elliptical polarization is observed.

1. As said above, radiation is emitted whenever the relativistically moving electrons are forced to deviate from a straight line motion. This is usually done by applying magnet fields. Bending magnets were the first available sources of synchrotron radiation because they are needed to produce the closed path motion in the storage ring. The radiation has the following characteristics:

Bending magnets



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