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Blue Corn Breakfast Tacos with Salmon

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I agree with you on buying most groceries at Trader Joes (or a local chain) and then last minute stuff at Whole foods. There is a Whole foods two blocks from my place so its really convenient, but i try to limit my shopping there!

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Definitely! Some more specialty items I get off of Amazon as well.

This looks simply amazing!! Can’t wait to try!

Hope you love it!

I’ve never heard of forbidden rice! This sounds delicious!

It has such an awesome flavor! Let me know if you try it

I had an unlimited membership at Crosstown up until fairly recently. After almost every workout I would end up at Whole Foods. I think wandering Whole Foods after an especially bada** CTF workout is one of my favorite pastimes. So dangerous for my disposable income. But so delightful.

Agreed! Nothing like a little sweaty walk around Whole Foods

Love forbidden rice!! Yum! Knowing where to buy seafood is such an art-form! I live in Seattle and we have a whole-foods like local chain that has the absolutely WORST seafood, but whole foods’ seafood is usually of fairly decent quality! I am glad to hear that you didn’t use Copper River in a marinade like this. It would be pointless to have paid so much per pound to cover the flavor. Its the added omega-3s that make it so special. A much more basic preparation really lets the unique flavors shine. (My fam is in the seafood biz – especially Alaskan salmon – can ya tell? HA!). Love salmon in bowls like this. So so good! But definitely not the right thing to splurge on copper river salmon for!

So interesting! And agreed – I’ll have to make a super simple dish with the fancy salmon

And always buy wild Alaska salmon – I live here. Copper River Kings are awesome, but don’t pass by sockeye, coho or pink! We don’t even avoid chum; but we can catch it fresh. Here’s an ADFG site that shows how to tell what they are. https://www.fws.gov/alaska/fisheries/fieldoffice/fairbanks/salmon/salmon%20ID%20chart.pdf

How do you obtain the nutritional information on your recipes?

Hi Cristina! I use an online nutritional calculator and make sure that each ingredient matches.

“I can’t imagine life without Brenau,” she says.

Greniewicki grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and followed in the footsteps of both her father, a school teacher, and her mother, who got a nursing degree at 55. Although Sandra did not wait that long to get her first degree, when she was not too long out of high school she astounded her somewhat ethnocentric parents by marrying a Polish-surnamed man from Detroit 10 years her senior. Husband Daniel, a mechanical engineer who designed and sold heavy industrial equipment throughout the Southeast, not only “put me through nursing school,” she says, but also introduced her to Gainesville where the Greniewicki family owned a vacation home on Lake Lanier.

Greniewicki became something of a helicopter parent in Georgia. She enrolled her eldest daughter, Nell Hoyle, WC ’80 , in the Women’s College and her youngest, Jullie King, WC ’83, BU ’86 , in Brenau Academy, where she thought she could keep a closer watch over them. “I attended a lot of teas on campus,” she jokes. And, she talked to lots of people about their educations, including then Brenau President James Rogers. Once he learned about her nursing background in Alabama, he offered her a job to help with the transition of the Hall School of Nursing into the Brenau fold.

Her wish list for the future of the school includes more diversity in students and faculty from different parts of the country with broader experience, continuously evolving curriculum to meet changing needs in the profession, completion of the proposed expansion of the showcase human simulator laboratory at the school and a clinic for human patients where students can get quicker first-hand experience. She wants Brenau nursing students to get more engaged with other aspects of the university during their student days and stay in touch after graduation to help maintain fundamental values of Brenau nursing education.

Nurses must have, “pliable hearts, capable of handling the most tender and challenging situations,” she says. “The nurses who have graduated from Brenau have carried their special hearts into many settings. But they may never have been in service to humanity had it not been for the efforts of an the insightful, dedicated and determined group,” who envisioned and sustained the school.

Add to that list the name Sandra Greniewicki.

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