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The Best Buns on the Beach

  • Hamburger Joe's North Myrtle Beach
    SINCE 1989
  • Hamburger Joe's Surfside Beach
    SINCE 2005
Burger and Rings
Cooking Video

In order to take advantage of the new features and latest security improvements brought by the Ledger firmware 1.4 , we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S. Note that this update could take up to 15mn.

we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S.

To know which firmware your Nano S runs , check it by opening the "Settings" on the Nano S itself:Settings > Device > Firmware (if your device is new, as in not configured, power it on while pressing the right button for 5 seconds. It will go in recovery mode and give you access to the dashboard, and settings)

To know which firmware your Nano S runs

Please be advised that any cryptocurrency applications you have previously installed on your Nano S will have to be re-installed following the update of your device. This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts: you’ll retrieve your balances as soon as the apps are re-installed. As a reminder, uninstalling an app does not impact your coin account, nor does it impact your seed.

This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts:

Updating the firmware of the Nano S won't wipe your seed. However, make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up and accessible.

make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up

Warning: if you have an older version of the firmware (<1.3) then your Nano S will be reset during the update, and you'll have to use your 24 words to restore your wallet after you have upgraded to 1.4.1.

In any case, if you have further questions, nike air force 1 high price in malaysia

Please follow these instructions very carefully .

very carefully

If you are having any issue during the update, nike air max 90 classic black and white cartoons
(bottom part) which contains troubleshooting tips.

Launch the Ledger Manager (available ) on your PC/MAC, and connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer.

If your device is new (not configured with a seed), then press the right button (the one far away from the USB connector, closer to the hole) while plug in the cable. Maintain the button pressed for 5 seconds until you see " Recovery ". Release the button, and you will go to the dashboard.

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Visit the international photo contest galleries. Photo credit: Claudia Ortuno '17, Ecuador

Exploring study abroad for credit See our suggestions for air jordan retro 3 fire red 2013 suburban
! Office Hours Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Drop-In Hours Monday - Friday 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Exploring study abroad for credit Office Hours Drop-In Hours

BGLTQ Peer Contact List

Going Abroad? Let us know your destination and we will connect you with a BGLTQ student who has experience traveling in the country or region.

Going Abroad?

Been abroad? nike free inneva woven tech sp ebay
to be a peer contact for other BGLTQ students.

Been abroad?

Read the OIE's nike air max tailwind 7 red
of the "Because I Went Abroad..." series, featuring students who went abroad in the spring of 2016.

Subscribe to the grey nike air max 90 mens
, and like us on nike air jordan 6 flight club
to keep up to date on exciting study abroad opportunities, events, and deadlines.

Welcome to the Office of International Education The Office of International Education (OIE) works with undergraduate students who are planning for a significant academic year, term, or summer international experience. We work with students to research and plan for their time abroad, provide support during their international experience, and ensure that their re-entry process goes smoothly. We are guided by the academic standards of tenis jordan retro 3 mercadolibre colombia
, and work in close collaboration with various nike air max fireberry 2012 chrysler
, area centers, and other advising offices on campus.

Welcome to the Office of International Education

To learn more about how Harvard is engaged with the rest of the world, please visit air jordan 1 sail footlocker
, a website maintainedby the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs .

David Hamilton, nike air max black womens sale
, noted the following statistics: an estimated 80% of papers that are published in academic journals were never cited more than once. (In addition, self-citation accounted for up to 20% of all citations. It may not be a stretch to think that some of those solo citations came from the eponymous author[s].) On top of that, 10% of the academic journals probably got 90% of the citations.

Let me re-state this: 80 percent of studies that are peer-reviewed and published are (or were), it seems, so utterly useless that no one ever cites them more than once. ( nike free run 1 womens tennis player
, estimates revealed that in the field of medicine, the percentage of papers without a single citation was about 46%; in the field of arts and humanities, an estimated 98% of papers go uncited.)

OK, so let’s pause for a moment and regroup. First, when I read/hear “thought leaders” (who shall remain nameless) claim to read all of the literature out there, I have to call BS. It’s simply not possible. Second, why would you want to? The above observations lead to the inevitable conclusion that most (by volume) of the published work on PubMed is barely fit to line the bottom of a bird cage.

(For the reader who buy air jordan apparel
hearing that most published research is nonsense, it might be helpful to read this article on the chicanery in the modern scientific publishing world.)

It’s not lost on us that a heavily cited paper can be worse than useless and a thinly-cited one can be invaluable. A keen eye and good mental models can only get one so far. With more and more papers published by the minute, just how much noise is generated in the current landscape? Our conservative calculations show that, “ these go to eleven .” To be sure, there’s still a formidable amount of information and knowledge waiting to be plucked from the literature. And a limited amount of time.

In 2015 I came to the realization that I was slipping. My “work” obligations, even with the huge reduction I deliberately made in exercise time, made it too difficult for me to keep up. The list of “To read” papers on my desktop was becoming an eyesore. I actually contemplated spending even more time on airplanes since that seemed to be best time for me to read. Yes, elective flights around the world just to read at 40,000 feet. The solution was obvious. I needed more brains. Literally more brains. So I hired them. Today, my practice employs a team of research analysts who are not just exceptionally bright and voracious consumers of literature, but also people who are so naturally curious (arguably the one skill I can’t really teach) that when you give them a problem, it’s just a matter of time until our collective knowledge on the topic will be increased.

Build your content faster and easier by leveraging our web-based content authoring tools. Easily create engaging, high-quality learning content in a drag-and-drop interface. Search, create, repurpose, update once and publish everywhere. Using our award-winning tools, construct real-world simulations, games, assessments, and other activities while gathering analytics on every click all in one system.

Add a new level of engagement to keep your learners interested. Our patent-pending Innovator is a fully embedded authoring tool designed with a drag-and-drop interface. Visually construct interactive scenarios easily accessible from any device. Use audit paths and checkpoints for in-depth data collection.

Use our simple drag-and-drop interface to build assessments for your users. Share questions from other assessments or item banks. Randomize questions and distractors and link each question to an outcome. Include multimedia content or use multiple question types to make assessments engaging. Include rationales, autoscore to provide immediate feedback.

In today’s continuously connected world, information can rapidly become obsolete. Your system needs to adapt. Take advantage of mobile capability to leverage those experiential moments. Instantly share real-time experiences and track accountability.

Increase efficiency and produce professional results using a drag-and-drop interface. Our responsive styles allow you to dynamically assemble content onto predefined templates - simultaneously view how it appears to users.

Upload your content using a simple drag-and-drop interface that supports bulk importing. Add tags and keywords to the content elements to make finding them quick and easy. All items are automatically loaded into a content delivery network with multiple points of presence spanning the globe.

Track changes for each content element recall later if needed. Publish change when ready.

Author content using device agnostic code that can be deployed to any device.

Quickly find and edit individual content elements. Deploy the changes everywhere instantly.

Author or upload images, video, documents, text, assessments, simulations, social media More

Offer the same content in many different languages.

View a list of all pages where a content element is used. Ensure you know the affect of content updates.

Content Authoring

Content Management

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